Sunday, December 17, 2017

#Catchup The Day Momma LEFT Me at Petsmart

It started out as a normal day as the afternoon rolled on momma asked if I wanted to go bye bye.  Of course I said yes and we stopped by the Wichita Falls Pet Supply store. 

Oh boy they had a lot of great toys, collars and supplies.

As the afternoon turned to evening and the sun began to set we arrived at Petsmart.  I was excited I thought maybe I would be getting some food or a new toy.  But NO! I was taken to the back of the store and left wif strangers in this new strange city!!!!  What the heck momma?

I did end up having a nice time wif Ms. Deja, my groomer and she got me feeling all fancy again!


Momma, enough pictures, I need to go home and recover.

When we got home momma looked though my Pawgress report.

This showed I was a good girl and the grooming selections.

Alright now I must go crazy!!!!!!

I believe that was sufficient.