Friday, December 8, 2017

It's Official I'm on Santa's Naughty List

Well furiends, its official I have been ink'ed into Santa's Naughty list and there is no going back now.
Image result for its all fun and games until you end up on santa's naughty list

 In our new apartment we do not have washer and dryer hookups.  So momma uses the apartment complexes laundry facility.  Now the complex has some weird rule that no puppies are allowed in the laundry facility.  Seriously how are pawrents supposed to do laundry without help from their puppy?  Anyhoo...before this incident she has made laundry time work to her advantage where I was either at the groomer or at Doggy Nanny's house. This time I had no other plans so she gave me a brand new Dently's chew and kenneled me (and I haven't had to be kenneled and left home alone since early October with the move).  She went down with her one load and stayed there for like a hundred million bazillion hours (edit by momma less than 2 hours).  Well I freaked out, busted out (my kennel door was shut tight but I still managed to escape and leave the door completely shut.  And I aint tellin my momma just how that happened.  A girl has to have some secrets!)....

And tore up the blinds so I could watch for her to return.  This is where she found me.  Yep I jumped from my little tykes table, flew across the kitchen and landed on the counter. 

Momma made a little "memento" of my naughty behavior from the broken blinds.  So I can put it in my doggie book and remember this "lesson". :(

Thankfully the "H" complex was very nice to momma upon learning of my naughty behavior and didn't kick us out on our tooshies like momma expected.  They replaced the blinds and we were charged less than a billion green papers.  Momma says now that its over shes just glad that I wasn't hurt busting out or flying across the kitchen from my little tykes table.  The blinds can be replaced but I can not.  So I am no longer on her naughty list.  Although the day it happened she was not a happy momma to say the least. 

Sad Smooches,


  1. OOPs Lucy. We think it was your moms fault for being gone too long
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Yeah, I agree wif Hazel and Mabel - it are HER fault.

  3. It is NOT your fault! Does she have video to prove you wrecked the blinds? OK, there is a photo of you on the counter BUTT we think an elf broke in and put you there!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. OMD, why would you get on the naughty list when YOU were the one cruelly abandoned at home for 87 hours?!