Tuesday, December 5, 2017

#Catchup - United Poodle Lines? And Final Moving Errands

 *YAWN* We had to wake up furry early on October 26th to leave the motel and head back to Doggy Nanny's to meet the movers.  Also I was in charge of getting breakfast for everyone.  Such a big responsibility for a small poodle girl!

Oh boy those movers have a big job ahead of them.

A really big job....

...like enormous!

Gracie got one look at the movers and took shelter under the table and when they went to get one of the kitchen boxes...

She ran in to the den to hid between the porch mattress and the couch.

I on the other hand had to be leashed because I wanted say hello to everyone.

A semi truck would have been too big to come up Doggy Nanny's drive way so we had shuttles come to pack up from the house then they would drive to the movers HQ and transfer to the semi.

Then I had a brilliant idea!

I'll throw on my back pack, grab my stroller and help them!

Drat!  She still wouldn't let me off leash.

Thankfully we found some chewies under a piece of furniture and that kept us busy.

Some of our movers working furry hard packing, hauling and loading.

Ooh that shuttles getting full.

The parking lots getting full too!

More stuff on the way to the shuttle.

The porch looks sad wif no rockers :(

There were a few things to pack into the pick up truck and every time it was near the porch with the tail gate down I hopped aboard.  I like being up high.

After while Gracie and I watch the movers from the comfort of the golf cart.

Once the movers were done we packed everyone into Doggy Nanny's Jeep to run important errands.  The bank first to sign paperwork for the loan.

Then we went to the title company (again these are not the cool titles like I have).

Whew it has been a tiring day!!!!  But there was more work to do.  Its not nap time yet.

We stopped by U-haul to pick up the Golf Cart kennel

It even had a nice drop down ramp feature.

I drove it up and by golly its a perfect fit!!!

Oh my dog would you look at this.  We got a Texas plate on our U-haul.  Again it must be a sign we are moving in the right direction.

As we pulled away we stopped by my old trailer to take a look and oh my dog its just the frame left.

Grandpa, gracie, the golf cart and I went back to the hotel for a good long nap while momma and Doggy Nanny cleaned up and got the final remaining items out of her house.

All done!



  1. What a good helper you are Lucy! Eddy loves to be up high too! -Ashley & Fast Eddy

  2. OMD, they could not have pulled off such a big job without you! We hope you were rewarded well!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. What a great helper you are Lucy
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. You are the pawfect snoopervisor, I’m sure those removal peeps would never gave done such a good job without your help Lucy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx