Friday, December 15, 2017

#CatchUp - Black Friday Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving we woke up at 5 am to get ready.  It was furry chilly out and I decided to wear my camo hoodie with matching pink leash.

First stop was for breakfast then off to Petsmart.  We arrived at 530 so we could get in line for the deals that began at 6.

We studied the Black Friday ads so we knew what we wanted and went straight to the back, grabbed the goods, then hopped in line.

50% off?  Yes I will take 'em both please!

As we left Petsmart the sun finally woke up and decided to join the pawty.  Good Morning SUN.

Then we headed down the street to Petco.

Petco was doing a special offer for the first 25 customers in the store and handing out scratch-off tickets.

Oh my dog!  I won $5.

OOh the store is my oyster...that is the saying right?

I found something special and got another surprise. The first 25 pets to make a purchase also get a set of free ANTLERS!!!!!!

Momma, I LOVE Black Friday!!!!!

We have to do this again next year!