Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#Catchup - 700 Mile Road Trip Day 1

We woke up super early loaded the final items into our car and I made my last pee-mail on KY soil. 

Bags in the back, medical records behind the carseat and water bowl clipped to the seat belt.

I have my puppy play packs and my cowgirl hat.  I am set!

The view of the back of the car.  eek. 

Once packed we helped Doggy Nanny get her suit cases loaded and....

...Aunt Gracie loaded.  She had a travel dish and medical records behind her carseat too.

Momma placed my cowgirl hat upon the dashboard for the trip. 

Everybody in their appropriate vehicles?  Locked?  Loaded?  Ready to Roll?

First stop was to Aunt Kia's house so we could all leave at the same time.

About an hour into the trip I got my first puppy play pack item.  Its a Petstages Antler.  OH MY DOG!!!!

Whew that is some tough packaging.  But we got it out.  I got rather warm trying to un-package it...

So I shed my hoodie to reveal my road trip attire.  Yellow Puppia Harness with matching yellow collar.  You can see the antler is in my hot lil paws and I am furiously chewing on it!

Momma had her GPS, notes from Doggy Nanny and Doggy Nanny leading the way.  You could say she was a tad bit nervous she might get us lost and we end up in Iowa or something like that.

Nap Time!

First stop was in Union City Tn so the hoomans could eat brekkie.  I talked to Doggy Nanny for a few minutes.

I didn't have to leave any pee mail but I did find this cool hydrant to.... on my parkour skills.

While Doggy Nanny, Grandpa, Aunt Lynette (Aunt Kia's mom) went to eat momma stayed out with us doggies.  She whipped out my travel food dish...

I had a hearty breakfast myself.  Ooh Kibble the breakfast of Champions.

After breakfast we settled into a long stretch from TN, a short ride thorugh MO, and then hit AR.  I chewed on my antler most of the way.


OOH I see cotton over on your side momma.  Lots of cotton....probably great for shredding!

Then I napped some more.  Resting my head on my doggie-bag

Ahh it feels good to be in AR.  I think I can see TX over this way.....

...Oops, maybe its that way.  Good thing momma has GPS.

Here is Aunt Kia.  She is a Chi-wa-wa. 

Ahh...the view is great from here.

Gracie was unsure about this whole road trip process.  Poor girl let your fur down and have fun!

The Golf cart did well from KY to AR. 

About an hour after we left the AR rest stop momma pulled out next Puppy Play Pack item.  IT WAS A LIZARD!  YEA!!!!  I have been holding back blogging but during the last days at home Mr. Lizard hadn't been doing well and he went to Stuffie heaven.  I had been furry sad about this but now I am happy to have a new little lizard in my life!!!


We made it to Conway AR to spend the night.  First things first, I had to have some supper. 

Then I crashed!

Whew 7pm.  yep thats a pups bed time when you have been traveling all day!  And momma would like to mention that hotels that put plug in's on the lamps are the best!!!!



  1. Wow, you had a fun road trip! Looks like your mom had you totally prepared!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We have never gotten new toys on a long car trip. You are very lucky.