Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Fishy Fry at Grandpa's House

Once dressed we made the long trek to Grandpa and Doggy Nanny's house.  I was super jazzed to get there.  I ran zoomies all over the front yard by myself waiting on momma to unload then hit the doggy door and bounded down the ramp to find Grandpa frying the fishies.

They look pawmazing.

They smell better than they look and taste was indescribable.  Grandpa gave us lots of nibbles and crunchies.

Of course we had to take our OOTD photos.  I wore a fancy leopard printed harness.

Poppy wore her discount halloween wear.  Skeletons and treats are always in season!

I greeted each hooman...gave tons of kisses (especially Cain and Jacob)....and for once I didn't pee!  Not on one single person.  #newrecord  #mommasproudofme  Poppy did better with letting people pet her if in momma's arms.  But if anyone reached down to pick her up she ran for her little furless life.  But no karate kicks so good for her!

Once all guests arrived and the fishies were done frying, we all gathered in the dining room for the meal.

 Doggy Nanny was very generous.

Each time someone got up, I seized the opportunity to get a better look at the tables offerings.  However momma didn't agree with my  "move you loose, finders keepers" attitude on seating arrangements.  grr

But I made the most of it!

Poppy did get a little braver with the food involved and would go up to people.

Lots of food lead to a bit of fish on her face. BOL!

After eating we stripped down and played outside.

Once we played ourselves out, we went back in and the hoomans just talked.  Poppy and I achieved sleepies and...

...went night night wif momma.

Thanks to Grandpa and Doggy Nanny fur hosting such a fantastic pawty and to all the guests for the pets and scratches.  Aunt Missy by far gave the best neck scratch ever!

Lucy & Poppy


  1. What a superfun day for you girls and that fish looks so yummy!

  2. Happy Barkday Lucy!!!Looks like you had fun at the fish fry.

  3. Wow, what fun! You know, I get to visit MY grandpawrents' house for the very furst time next week. I'm very nervous and excited. I've met them before a few times, but I get to meet Aunt Gracie for the furst time too!