Sunday, November 25, 2018

TBT: Storytime: Seeking Safety in the TUB

At first Poppy was a quite, shy, nervous dog.  It was some time before we heard her first bark.  But when it happened it was late at night and plum scared me to death!  What ever could be out there that would make her bark?  Momma pushed my tooshie and told me to go help her check it out....well that wasn't going to happen so I turn around, jumped in the baff tub and stayed there till she quit barking.  Turns out it was just a neighbor coming home and the door shut loudly...but still it coulda been a boogie-dog.



  1. That's where I hide when I hear fireworks or thunder and lightning! It's a great hiding spot, isn't it, Lucy!

  2. I wouldn't hide there - I'd be worried bout gettin a baff!