Sunday, November 18, 2018

Poppy in the Park

You all know my favorite place is the local park.  There is sand, sun and a jungle gym. 

Oh its just heaven on earth!  When the golf cart was down we didn't make time to go to the park so I finally got to take Poppy there and show her the fun! Sand!  Oh Sand, its good to have you back!

Sand makes me happy!

Time for the jungle gym!

Come on up Poppy!

Seems spicious!  No, its fun promise.

Not convinced.

While Lucy spolored the jungle gym I did some model practice. 

One day Jungle Gym one day.

 After slorin, I went on the slide...

WEEEEEE!  Poppy watched but wouldn't go by herself.

I think I'll stay here.  Sand is good.  I like sand.

On the way out she did find a fun sock toy,

gave it a shake and...

....left it for the next pupper.

Lucy & Poppy


  1. Oooh, that looks like fun! I've never played in sand. I want to try now! We have a little playground near our house that we walk by all the time, but Momma says I'm not allowed on the slide.