Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Adventures in Trimming Nails

Momma brought home this funny looking green tool.  I thought it was for doing gardening....although I have get to see her touch greenery.  But you have to admit it does look like a gardening tool.  You'll imagine my surprise when when she used them to try and cut off my toesies.

When it was all over I did feel pretty.  Nice short manicured nails.  No clicking.  

I asked why Lucy wasn't getting her toes cut off....Momma splained that the groomers at Margot's cut Lucy's nails.

That made me think.....so if the groomers cut Lucy's nails, how do you know how to cut nails.  Momma splained that I was her first doggie to cut nails on, other than a few patients at the vet clinic when she lived in KY.  

Um...I didn't agree to be your guinea pig!  But I suppose alls well that ends well. Right?


(Side note: Lucy and her ever growing diva attitude, threw me for a loop when I attempted to clip her nails this same day.  She has dark brown nails and I just tipped the first one to ensure I wouldn't hit the vein.  Well she started screaming.  I freaked out thinking I quicked the nail.  I looked her over and couldn't find blood anywhere.  I pulled back her fur and verified I just took off a tiny bit and got the tip.  She just didn't like having it done.  Sassy pants!  I continued she didn't make another squeak.  She was compensated with treats for being good the rest of the time.  Just a little something I wanted to remember. :) -Katie) 


  1. Momma trims my nails too. NO fun. But if she doesn't trim them, I get a lot of "ow, NO, Matilda!" when I jump on her.

  2. I hate when the Dremel comes out of hiding but fortunately, mom has lots of treats to keep me happy.