Monday, October 22, 2018

Forget Squirrels; I Prefer Crickets!

You did read that right.  Squirrels don't interest me much.  I prefer to hunt and chase crickets.  They are smol like me, quick and agile.  I get laser focus when I see one cricketing around in the grass and I will follow them all over.  When I find a dead one I will rub on it with fury!  They smell freaking fabulous!!!  You should try it.

Momma found out just how obsessed I am when we went on a walk in a grassy field and stopped every 2 feet (14 dog feets) to sniff one out.  There were crickets efurrywheres.  I couldn't contain myself.  Darting here, dashing there, and rolling whenever I came across the dead ones.  Oh it was just a glorious walk!

*Cricket Hunter*

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