Friday, October 26, 2018

DownTown Grooming Arm with Haunch Holders Review

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Back Story:
I purchased this grooming arm to assist me while doing in-between maintenance.  Lucy's body and legs turn to jello whenever I try to groom her myself.  Its one of those "unfun" things and she makes it difficult in an attempt to get out of it.  I found myself holding her in awkward postitions keep her standing and still.  Yea, it wasn't working out well for either of us.  I want grooming time to be fun and a quick painless process.  For a poodle grooming is a necessity.

I researched different grooming arms.  I didn't want a full table set up as I have a folding table [Affiliate Link: Lifetime Folding Table].  I read many different reviews and the DownTown Grooming Arm had 633 reviews and a 4.5 rating.  This particular grooming arm also comes with the grooming loop and haunch holders.  Total price was $39.99 and I received free shipping.  [Affiliate Link: DownTown Grooming Arm with Groom Loop / Haunch Holder]

For those interested Haunch holders can be ordered seperately if you already have an arm or table setup. [Affiliate Link: Haunch Holder]

Our package arrived.

Let's get it out.

My Review:
I unboxed it and was impressed.  It was light weight but feels sturdy.

Lucy's inspection.

Checking the clamp out.

It's Lucy approved.

The clamp fit perfectly on my folding table (clamp opens wide enough to attach to either side) and feels secure when tightened down on the tables edge.  Update: As I was testing this out I purchased a Kitchen Nook (bar height) and my grooming arm fits perfectly on it as well.  Clamp opened wide enough to fit on either side, went on securely.  I actually have left the grooming arm up on my nook for quick access as the need arises.

For Lucy I use the Green loop and the yellow is tucked up on the arm to stay out of the way.

The haunch holders (Green and yellow loops) are very well made.  They are plastic coated cording with a padding cover for the belly.  It hooks to the top of the grooming arm via a lobster clip so I can unclip them (without having to adjust the arm each time), lay it down, place her back legs inside and reattach at the top.

 I want to put as little strain on her knees as possible to prevent injury or sprains.  She was diagnosed with Luxating Patellas by the veterinarian. They held her up with no problem and she stood very still for her grooming.

I am by no means a professional groomer, just a pet parent trying to keep my girls looking cleaned up and cute.

Final thoughts, I feel very comfortable using this product with both of my dogs, Lucy (12 lb poodle) and Poppy (6 lb Chinese Crested).  For those pet parents who clip their dogs nails or have dogs that require regular maintenance between grooms this is definitely a great addition to add to your grooming routine.  Its been for us!


The Momma

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