Saturday, October 20, 2018

OH MY DOG! - Wisdom Panel DNA Test - The Results Are In

Hi frens, Poppy here.  My Wisdom Panel results are in my hairy little paws.  I am scared to check it wait...I can do it!

Officially I am....50% Chihuahua, 12.5% Chinese Crested, and 37.5% Breed Groups (Sporting, Companion, Asian and Terrier)?  Hmm....thats a shocking turn of events.

I was joking bouts the greyhound and gremlin (although the breed groups portion means they could not determine a specific breed so gremlin is still a possibility).  I thought for sures I was purebred Chinese Crested.  However Wisdom Panel says otherwise!  Here is the break down of my lineage per Wisdom Panel.

In related news my health screening for Multi-Drug Sensitivity (MDR1) & Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC) both came back clear.

On the trait section there was a lot of great information.

Per this I have the merle genes.  Thus my blue eyes.

My coat color is  likely yellow/tan.  Which from my baby pictures is spot on, its just morphed into white.  But if you look closely in some pics you can see the yellow/tan on my ears and tail.

 My ears are likely upright.  Yep!

My legs are likely long.  Fur Sure!

Last but not least here is my official breed determination certificate.

What now? Does this mean I need to learn spanish?  Get me a sombrero?  Learn a dance about a hat?  aye yai yai!

Anyhoo, overall I am super happy with my Wisdom Panel experience, its neat learning about my pedigree.  I would highly recommend this brand of DNA test to a fren.  You never know what you will find out.


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Note From Momma: When I first got Poppy her previous owner gave me her vet record packet and said the part that was whited out was from the vet putting the wrong breed on her file.  It stated she was a Chihuahua/Chinese Crested Mix.  Her owners explanation at the time was that the she brought two litters in that day and the paperwork by the vet was wrong.  I was so excited to get Poppy it didn't register at that moment but is worth mentioning now.  When we got home I went on a little Facebook deep dive to find her baby pictures.  Within my snooping adventure....I mean little facebook search, I did come across some posts and pictures that revealed that her dam was a Slate Chinese Crested and her sire was a Blue Merle Chihuahua.  That was part of the reason I wanted to have her DNA tested.  I was curious how the results would line up with the information I found.  None of this was told to WP when I submitted her test.  Only Poppy's name, swab sample and my personal information.  So this was completely unbiased on their part.   Which is kind of exciting that the test results can be so accurate.  Right down to the merle gene.  I have a feeling the "Mix Breed" findings pertain to the Chihuahua side as merle is not a natural gene in the Chihuahua breed.  Likely pretty far back in my sire's pedigree there were other dogs out-crossed to get the merle coat color.   No matter the results she is the perfect fit for our family and I wouldn't change having her for anything!  If anything she is more unique because of this test. :)


  1. It is cool to learn more this way. I am thinking about getting ours tested!

  2. That's really interesting to learn! I would've thought you were way more Chinese Crested than that! Momma thought for years and years that Angel Casey wasn't all the way boxer and maybe was part-greyhound or something to explain his deep, narrow chest. But she did DNA tests and he was 100% boxer!