Saturday, October 13, 2018

Story Time: What Really Happened to Grandpa's Hearing Aid

Hi frens, wanna hear a story?

Now that Grandpa has his new hearing aid (which ironically led to momma finding out another secret, how Poppy's tags really got chewed #tagmageddon)  and alls well now I can finally gets this one off me chest.  Its been a burden and I am ready to spill the tea! 

So it all happened back in Kentucky.  I found the coolest little chew toy on the floor.  When Doggy Nanny found out what I had she got upset.  I felt bad, it was a fun toy but VERY UNAUTHORIZED.  I then found out it was Grandpa's hearing aid.  She promised not to tell momma & Santa.  I was just a little pupper.  She didn't want me getting in more trouble.  It was our little secret.

Well she did tell Aunt Lynette spilled the beans one night while we was playing cards.  Momma was shocked and embarrassed.  She knew Grandpas hearing aid had been "broken" for a while.  She was told it dropped originally.  He had been struggling with hearing since it was damaged and getting it fixed was put off due to the move.  I got a sever finger wagging for this.  But I just bitey-ed her finger.  I can't be tried twice for this....thats double jeopardy.  Yea I watch a lot of Lifetime movies with Doggy Nanny.  But in September of this year they took a big trip up to OKC and the VA (the nice military peoples clinic) got him a new set.  Here they are.  Don't they look delicious....I mean functional?!?!?

I solemnly swears not to chew these, unless I is left home alone for more than 2 minutes and they are in my general vicinity.....Kidding, momma, I am kidding.  See my paws arent crossed.