Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Exploring the Spooky Neighborhood & Teaching Poppy to Drive

Ahh, a crisp cool fall day, nothing says Golf Cart/walk weather quite like...

...low humidity and temps in the 50's.

October is in full swing here in WF.  There are ghosts fluttering about, bushes covered in webs, and pumpkins on every corner.

We found lots of spooky yards.  This one even had crime scene tape up.  Eek, must have been something horrible!

Oh look this house has a trick or treat booth.  Let me go check that out.

Nope...Nope...Nope!  Too scary!

Oh my what have we here.  The pup driving this car must have been chewing and driving.  Not a good combo kids!

I just love the Texas pride here in the outdoor decor.

There are stars,

Texas state flags,

...and Longhorns on garage doors.  #texan #texaspride

We rode by all our favorite puppers houses.

Henlo fren!

Poppy hearing the barks at the house with the chihuahuas.

What is that?

eek!  An angry ghost!

Working on walking and leash manners and shadows.

Back to the golf cart frens.

Poppy was interested in driving so I let her take the wheel. I am  working the pedals cause she is so smol and giving her pointers.  Good job Poppy!

Ooh thats new!  What a fancy plant!

 OOh logs!  Makes me miss my toppled tree in KY.  Momma can we just hook that trailer up to the golf cart and take em back to Doggy Nanny's house.

Lucy and Poppy