Sunday, October 21, 2018

#ChineseCrestedProblems #SweaterProblems

Momma says I is unique.  Normally that is a good thing.  However mid-October we had a furry cold cold-snap.  It brought to mommas and my attention that I wasn't made for cold weathers.  No fur and all. My hoodies keep me warm if the temps are in the mid 60's or 70's.  But when they drop below 40 (some of our overnights have been in the 30's) they simply will not do. We tried some of Lucy's smaller hoodies, but they were too big in the chest and I walk out of them on accident.  We tried bulking me up with layers of onsies with hoodies, but it ended up the same way.   We tried some of my hoodies with onsies and I was still cold.   We looked online found inspiration from the greyhound community.  A lot of websites offered jackets with long coat tails that cover the tooshie, belly straps and turtle neck collars.  Oh I just all warm just thinking bouts it.

Momma dug through the closet found velcro, thread, sewing machine and scissors.  She stopped at Wal-e-mart and picked up some pink flamingo fleece.  She decided to try and make me my own custom jacket.  We used my raincoat as the pattern since it has a roomy fit.

Till she's finished I'll just stay snuggled up in my flannel blankies.

Cutting has begun.

Tools assembled.

Shane Dawson on TV and the sewing has begun.

Collar complete.

The final stitches.  We did have a few hiccups with thread not going the right way but we got her sorted out.

Time to try on!

So toasty and my tooshies covered!  Mission complete.



  1. You are so lucky to have a clever and crafty momma to make you such a special coat to wear.

  2. Very cute. Your mom is talented our Lady can't sew.

  3. Very nice! If you don't know her, you should visit Bunny and Flattery at They're extremely stylish greyhounds who can give you some grreat ideas.