Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What Am I? - Wisdom Panel DNA Test - Unboxing, Swab & Mail Run

Hi friends, It's me Poppy!  Today I am unboxing the Wisdom Panel 4.0 DNA test.  I want to find out more about myself.  I know I is Chinese Crested but I have questions.  How did I get my blue eyes?  How did I grow so smol? Why are my neck freckles so cute? How am I able to run so fast?  These are not typical Chinese Crested traits, except for the freckles.  I think the DNA test will come back wif a good amount of Chinese Crested, a bit Greyhound, possibly a pinch of Gremlin (pretty far back though).

9-27 The test packet arrived.

Unboxed there are detailed instructions and swabs.

 What are dat for?   Then momma made a funny comment that she has to swab my mouth wif them.  BOL!  Silly momma seriously what are dat for?  Oh she ain't laughing. [inaudible]

Wow!  That was a little wild!

Now that is done lets get this off to da lab!

Almost final push.

Its on its way!


Disclaimer: No Poppy's were hurt in the swabbing procedure.  Just a few ruffled hairs.  :)

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  1. Those panels are interesting! Momma did one on Angel Casey a few years back, because he didn't have the typical boxer build. She thought he was part Greyhound. But his results came out 100% boxer!