Monday, October 29, 2018

Do Superfood Treats Give You Super Model Powers?- #ChewyInfluencer - Review Pet Naturals of Vermont Homestyle Chicken Recipe Superfood Dog Treats

As you know I have been working on my supermodel poses so I can be an adorable internet dog star like my sisfur.  Well when I spotted Pet Naturals of Vermont Homestyle Chicken Recipe Superfood Dog Treats to review, I hoped these would help me grow to be super model.

Key Benefits for your pawrents to view.
*Superfood treats are packed with nutrient-rich fruits, veggies and oats that your dog needs for a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.
*Yummy homestyle chicken recipe will satisfy your dog’s cravings without unnecessary calories, fat or salt.
*Chewy treats are loaded with organic ingredients and superfoods like kale, blueberries, apple, sweet potato, spinach and oatmeal with only seven calories per chew.
*The fruits and veggies in these tasty and soft snacks complete a healthy, balanced diet all dogs require.
*Superfood Treats are crafted in the USA with clean ingredients and without the use of corn, wheat or artificial ingredients.
(Is your mouth watering yet?)

Sniff Test

Paw me one over momma.


My word these are pawmazing.  I feel supermodel-ee already.  Look at my ears up, straight paws, serious model face!

On my final thoughts....Hey there sisfur your crashing my review!  Eek I seem to have lost that supermodel feeling.

Um, ok you can has one...just one.  I need these so I can become super model.

As I was saying, final thoughts...These are a grand treat no matter your supermodel status.  They are soft, tasty, and are made wif SUPER ingredients.  They are the perfect size for small breeds and if training can easily be broken up in to smaller pieces.  However I recommend whole treats to feel full supermodel effects.  *Disclaimer, PetNaturals do not claim these will give you supermodel powers, these effects were felt by me as an individual. End of disclaimer*

Poppy & Lucy

*Disclaimer: I was sent this bag of treats in exchange for my honest review.

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