Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Golf Cart is BACK IN ACTION

After what seemed like a hundred years (edit by momma: 2 months) momma finally called the golf cart doctor to pick up our cart and take it back to the golf cart hospital.  The official diagnosis was a bad cable.  Probably due to making it live outside back in KY the elements got to it.  But now it lives in the garage protected so hopefully this won't happen again.  It has been far too long between rides and I am ready to hit the open road and dash though neighbor hoods and show Poppy how a REAL golf cart ride should go!

So many sounds, so many smells!

Now we didn't stay out long due to the heat and my extreme fur-ness but we did stop at the park.  We had fun in the sand and playing with acorns.

After the park we shared a bubble gum sno!

Lucy and a very wind blown Poppy

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