Monday, October 8, 2018

Story Time: The Thrilling Conclusion to Tag-mageddon 2018

Tag-mageddon was crazy to say the least.  I have never had dogs chew up tags like this.  When Poppy came to live with us she was not planned so I had nothing prepared in advance.  I grabbed all of the littlest collars/harnesses of Lucy's I could find and took one of Angel Mollie's tags to put on her so she would have my number on her in the event she would get away from me.  I was scared to death those first few weeks I would loose her.  This was my first new pet living in the busy city with no fence.  I saw her once try and bite at it but with it being so small she wasn't able to chew it.  At this time its worth mentioning she was not playing with Lucy as she was too scared.

Fast forward a few weeks and her tags arrived.  The girls begin playing more and more.  At home I never kept collars on either dog.  Something my mom got me in the habit of doing. 

As the tags got chewed I immediately assumed it was Poppy...its her tag, she doesn't like it tapping her chest as she walks, shes had to be the one chewing it.  I also had put it on a Rubit (tag clip) so it dangled a little lower on her chest.

I tried vet wrapping it but that was foiled in a single day.

2 tags later I was frustrated so I put a metal tag on her and that worked out fine.  I originally didn't want to use metal tags because they are heavier and jingle.   Since putting it on her there have  been a few cosmetic scratches but ultimately readable and intact.  After that I started noticing that every night Poppy's collar had been loosened.  I would have to tighten it back up properly where I could still fit 2 fingers under it almost every day.  I again made assumptions and thought Doggy Nanny was loosening it as my mom had a habit of doing this to Mollie and Bobo's collars. I also noticed the collars were getting frayed.  I though I hadn't dremeled Poppy's nails enough and her nails were snagging it.

Then the fateful day arrived I went out to my grandparents house on my day off, checking on Gracie, while they were out of town getting new hearing aids for my grandpa (thats a story time for another day but has a similar point, I will let Lucy tell that one).....anyway....I was sitting in the living room holding Gracie and Lucy came into the living room bum first with Poppy's collar in her mouth.  She had been using it as a handle to get her to initiate playtime.  Then it all made sense.  The loose collars, the frays on the collars, the chewed tags.  It was Lucy the whole time!  I promptly apologized to Poppy for shaking a finger at her for the chewed tags.  She licked and nibbled on my finger.  All was forgiven.

There you have it, the thrilling conclusion to tag-mageddon 2018.

the momma 

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  1. BOL! Uh, I mean, bad Lucy! *snicker* Way to go, getting your sissy in trouble instead of you!